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Talking Thanksgiving Turkey with Metro Diner

Nov 05, 2020

How turkey become the go-to for the holidays

Americans look forward to carving up a big, juicy turkey every Thanksgiving, but how did the gobble-gobble become the go-to for this favorite family meal?
(Updated October 2021)

Turkey didn’t take center stage at the famous feast when the Pilgrims broke bread in 1621. While they may have had a taste of turkey, venison was the main meat. It wasn’t until 1863 when "Honest Abe" proclaimed Thanksgiving Day a national holiday.

We really don’t know why it’s the all-time favorite for Thanksgiving, but what we do know is that every November since 1947, a “National Thanksgiving Turkey” has been presented to the U.S. President - Harry Truman being the first. During an official ceremony in the Rose Garden, the president “pardons” the turkey, meaning its life is spared and it does not get eaten.

What about the 46 million turkeys that are eaten each Thanksgiving (compared to 22 million on Christmas and 19 million turkeys on Easter)? Take a look at the great debate: white or dark meat – a recent survey found that:

- 41% of all Americans preferred white meat
- 17% dark meat
- 32% liked both
- 7% don't eat turkey
- 3% weren't sure.

Next question: Why didn't the turkey finish its dessert?
Answer: Because it was stuffed!

Stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie are also on the traditional Thanksgiving menu. Here’s some table talk about these family favorites:

- Packing on the pounds: Americans eat more than 400 million pounds of cranberries every year, 20 percent of which are consumed during the week of Thanksgiving.
- Pumpkin Popularity Contest: Pumpkin pie dominates American desserts, with 36 percent in a recent survey choosing it as their favorite.
- Potato Mash-Up: Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg joined up to make mashed potatoes using a recipe from Martha’s mom on the hit TV series “Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party.” But the first known recipe for mashed potatoes appeared in 1747, in the what became the most famous cookbook of all time, The Art of Cookery.
- Hamming it Up: Weighing in at 77 million pounds, ham is another popular main dish at Thanksgiving.

Roasting a moist turkey (stuffed to perfection), mixing up the most flavorful mashed potatoes, serving an elegant assortment of vegetables and topping it off with a delectable pie is a daunting task for even the most accomplished home chefs. In fact, Google returns over fifteen million hits in a search for reducing stress when cooking for Thanksgiving.

There’s one sure-fire way to serve a deliciously delightful stress-free holiday dinner.

Trust Metro Diner to cook up the perfect holiday meal and take special care of your family and friends with these mouth-watering offerings:

- Holiday At Home Feast – Serve the ultimate feast to your holiday guests. Choose either baked ham with cherry sauce or roasted turkey with cranberry sauce and sides including creamy mashed potatoes & gravy, French-style green beans, savory cornbread stuffing, Hawaiian dinner rolls and a pumpkin pie. These feasts come cold to be heated up at home with heating instructions to serve an individual dinner plate up to a party of eight!

- Pre-orders start Nov. 1 – Nov. 22 and pickup times are from 8 am - 8 pm on Tuesday, Nov. 23 and Wednesday. Nov. 24, and on Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, Nov. 25 from 8 am – 2 pm.
- Holiday At Home Feast available Nov. 1 - Dec. 31

- In-Diner Holiday Feast – (available Nov 1) Includes baked ham or roasted turkey with cranberry sauce and sides of creamy mashed potatoes & gravy, green beans, savory cornbread stuffing and a piece of pumpkin bread pudding.

- Guests can also order this for pick-up, or have it delivered straight to their door!

Of course, a Metro Diner Thanksgiving wouldn’t be complete without our Stuffing Waffle with Turkey featuring a waffle made from stuffing, topped with mashed potatoes and gravy, roasted turkey, and a side of cranberry sauce. Enjoy for a limited time November 8 - December 31.

When it comes to Thanksgiving traditions, nobody talks turkey (and trimmings) tastier than Metro Diner so whether enjoying a meal in the diner or catering your holiday meal at home we’re all about value with hearty, large meals at a great price.

So, put down the carving knife and let us do the cooking:



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