Metro Diner's $12k for childhood cancer research

For Alex Sullivan, the cream came after the shave.

Whipped cream, that is.

Being the national director of real estate for Metro Diner, Sullivan promised he would let the location that raised the most money for the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation in September shave his head.

Port Charlotte’s location took the cake this year, raising $12,453 for the cause.

“I challenged (Metro Diner) if they hit $100,000 this year, I’d shave my head,” Sullivan said.

This is the second year Metro Diner held their round-up fundraising campaign for NPCF. The campaign took place at all 71 diners nationwide, raising $145,3030 total, according to Carly Schulman, a spokesperson for the event.

“I could not believe how generous people were,” said the location’s manager, Karen Yen.

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