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Waffles: The Canvas of Breakfast Art

To many of you, the Belgian waffle is the MVP of breakfast time. Alone, it’s got undeniable star power. But it’s also a team player — one that really works with, and complements, the rest of the delicious tastes on your ideal breakfast platter.

This guide will answer your most burning questions about this golden, powdered sugar-topped delicacy — and it will probably whet your appetite for the perfect waffle experience at Metro Diner.

Waffles: The Canvas of Breakfast Art

Where Were Waffles Invented?

It’s said that the ancient Greeks — who already revolutionized philosophy, the arts, and the sciences — are also to thank for the invention of the waffle. Athenians used two metal plates to cook flat cakes named obelios. The modern name, however, is related to “wafer.”

It wasn’t until the Middle Ages that these treats started being pressed with artistically engraved irons. At first, these designs depicted symbols of love, coats of arms, and even the familiar honeycomb we know today. This grid shape was said to resemble interlocking crosses.

The Pilgrims brought waffles to Massachusetts, with Dutch immigrants following later. Thomas Jefferson helped spark a fad for “waffle parties” when he brought a waffle iron home from France in 1789. Later, in the 1910s, the popular stovetop griddle was made obsolete by the incredibly handy new electric waffle iron.

What’s the Difference Between Belgian Waffles and Regular Waffles?

One major difference is visible. Belgian waffles have deeper pockets for syrup or other toppings. A taste reveals that Belgian waffles are often fluffier in texture.

Another key difference is the batter. Belgian waffles are made with yeasted batter, while regular (American style) waffles are crispier because they use baking powder and typically don’t have the batter sit overnight.

How Do You Make Waffles?

It can’t be that hard, can it? All you need is a waffle maker, right?

Sure, some kind of waffle iron is required gear, but it’s a pretty easy recipe otherwise. You need the right proportions of flour, baking powder, salt, sugar, full-fat milk, butter, eggs, and vanilla.

For making Belgian waffles, you’ll also need yeast. Many people swear by making Belgian waffle batter the night before, because the flour grain absorbs the liquid and swells. Even if you only let your batter sit for 2 hours, you’ll notice better flavor and consistency.

One important tip: don’t over-mix the batter. You want there to be some lumps instead of a smooth mixture. Overwork the flour and your batter won’t rise as much, resulting in tougher and less tasty waffles. The ideal waffle is fluffy on the inside but crispy on the outside.

So, Where Do Belgian Waffles Originate?

Belgian waffles really do come from Belgium — a country nestled between the Netherlands, Germany, and France. Their beer and chocolate are world-famous, but for breakfast lovers, the waffle is Belgium’s claim to fame. There, waffles are considered a sweet treat and eaten by hand (bent in half, like a taco) as a traditional street food.

At the 1962 World’s Fair in Seattle, Washington, Belgian waffles made their first American appearance. Their popularity took off at the 1964-5 World’s Fair in Queens, NY — where they were embellished with whipped cream and sliced strawberries.

What Goes Best with Waffles?

You can stick with any of these tried-and-true toppings and never go wrong.

  • butter
  • powdered sugar
  • syrup
  • whipped cream
  • fresh strawberries
  • jam, jelly or preserves

Or you can branch out a little.

  • other fresh fruit
  • fruit sauce
  • fruit compote
  • melted Nutella

For an extra-healthy and delicious option, try lightly sweetened vanilla yogurt!

You could also check out Metro Diner’s seasonal waffles, which are both topped and “infused” with flavors like pumpkin, apple cinnamon, lemon blueberry, strawberry shortcake or maple bacon.

What’s The Best Way to Reheat Waffles?

As easy as it is, you probably want to avoid reheating waffles in the microwave. Many perfectly good waffles have turned soggy — or even chewy — by trying to cut corners and save a few minutes.

Providing your waffles are not too thick for the slots, your best bet is probably a standard toaster. Just around a minute will warm a waffle uniformly and, if desired, you can slightly toast the edges to taste.

Thicker waffles work best in a toaster oven — which also give them a slightly crunchy feel. The oven works well, too, but takes longer.

Get the Best Belgian Waffle in Town at your local Metro Diner

Belgian waffles are absolutely worth the effort to make, but sometimes you deserve to skip all the effort and mess. That’s when you should find your nearest Metro Diner and let us serve up these golden squares of breakfast perfection.

You can choose from our standard Belgian waffle — always a classic! — or dress waffle flavor up a little with our fruity waffle. For those who want to mix savory flavors with sweet, look no further than our fried chicken and waffle.

And again — for a truly unique experience, keep an eye on our creative seasonal waffle offerings. (For example, we celebrate the holiday season with waffles made from traditional cornbread stuffing.)

You’ll be able to indulge in a waffle that’s cooked and topped perfectly, while you and your hungry bunch find a tempting menu of classic diner favorites — all cooked to satisfy. Find a Metro Diner location near you and make the drive. Your taste buds will thank you!


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