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A Letter of Support from Metro Diner


At Metro Diner, we have a set of guiding principles we all call ‘TMDW’….The Metro Diner Way.  TMDW means we earnestly believe in people and strive every day to treat everyone – our team members, vendor partners, guests and communities – with respect, understanding, caring and fairness.  Being true  to these beliefs means supporting the struggle for people of color who have been the victims of racism, hatred and injustice and have NOT been treated with the respect, understanding, care and fairness that they deserve!

No longer can anyone among us deny what we have witnessed.  We have all shared in the world’s horror at the deaths  of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and many others.  We must open our hearts and become part of the solution to eliminate the shameful plight people of color have endured for so long. We recognize this cannot wait any longer.

There can be NO PLACE for the knee of hatred to extinguish our last breath of compassion and love.  At Metro Diner, we stand in solidarity with our black team members and guests and those of other racial backgrounds.  We see your struggles and support you.  Let there be no place among anyone to turn a blind eye any longer to the injustice of racism and intolerance.

Our hearts also go out to those first responders and police officers who serve and protect equitably those actively trying to heal the wounds of our communities. We support a peaceful movement for justice, and, as always, encourage the efforts of our first responders to preserve our right for peaceful demonstration so the voice for change can be heard.

So let it be heard…loud and clear….let the Metro Diner family be instruments of change and extend the support, compassion and love we must give to one another.

Chris Sullivan
Hugh H Connerty Jr.
Metro Diner, LLC